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Life on Mars

Recently, Nasa's Curiosity rover, discovered something groundbreaking which may end up adding to the possibilities of life being present on Mars. Organic Molecules called thiophene[ a water insoluble colourless liquid] was found on the surface of the planet.

Now, what's so interesting about this is that on Earth, this molecule is primarily formed by a result of biological processes. The researchers are not claiming proof of life, but the discovery is certainly intriguing. The finding is being called “consistent with the presence of early life on Mars.”

This finding doesn't mean that life was, or still is present on Mars. However, this indicates that chances of life existing on the Red Planet is possible. Although Mars is dry and barren, scientists believe that that there is ice underground and is most likely that there once, must have been liquid water on the planet. When all these factors are combined, they increase the likelihood of life being present but more likely that there might be some habitable conditions for humans to thrive on Mars.

Another discovery which continues to puzzle the scientists would be of the greenhouse gas methane being discovered on the planet. Methane, infact is produced by biological organisms, while the source of methane on Mars is still undetermined.

With the continual of findings such as these, the confidence of someday Humans thriving in Mars keeps on increasing. Do you think it is possible that life was present? tell us in the comment section.

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