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The Good Wolf vs. The Bad Wolf

Going to war, in my head

With who you may ask?

Myself, she said.

Where do I fit in?

The left or the right?

In the middle perhaps,

That’s where you lie

Life’s a race, they say,

The fear of being judged,

Makes me ‘their’ prey.

Confined in a box

Insecure of her thoughts

Her mind, her power

That’s what she devours

The good wolf says,

Rules of the society you must adjust to,

Studying won’t do you any good, you fool.

At the end of the day where does it lead you?

Getting married is the only good you can do.

The bad wolf says,

Break the boundaries,

Soar as high as you can,

Test your limits,

Marvel your fans.

Huh! Who are these ‘fans’,

The good wolf says,

Her family, her friends,

She knows she can

As her mind marches to battle,

Her fear sets in.

The fear to be judged,

The fear of sensing pain.

She must choose a wolf though,

One which paves a way to life,

Whom does she choose?

That is the girl’s strife.

Written and Illustrated by Anvi Kedia

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