What is the big bang?

The Big Bang Theory is the leading explanation for the formation of the universe. .In the first second after the universe began, the surrounding temperature was about 10 billion degrees Fahrenheit . At its simplest, it says the universe as we know it started with an infinitely hot, infinitely dense singularity, then inflated over the next 13.8 billion years to the cosmos that we know today. (outer space)

The cosmos contained a vast array of fundamental particles such as neutrons, electrons and protons. These decayed or combined as the universe got cooler. The data also show there is less of the perplexing dark energy and more matter — both normal and dark matter — in the universe than previously known. Dark matter is an invisible substance that can be perceived only by observing the effects of gravity, while dark energy is a mysterious force thought to be responsible for pushing the universe apart. The afterglow started out as a white-hot glow, but during 13.8 billion years, as the universe expanded by 1,100 times, it cooled.

(Universe is mostly made up of dark matter and dark energy)

The universe is expanding faster than we expected. Meaning that nobody would be able to locate other galaxies from Earth, or any other vantage point within our galaxy. Eventually, a distant galaxy would reach the speed of light. What that means is that even light won't be able to bridge the gap that's being opened between that galaxy and us. There's no way for extraterrestrials on that galaxy to communicate with us, to send any signals that will reach us, once their galaxy is moving faster than light relative to us.

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